Welcome, Teachers!

Spend the whole day at DreamBIG Children’s Festival for $10 or $16 per student!
Check out our suggested itineraries below for all ages.


10.15am Ping Pong WoW, Adelaide Rowing Club
11.15am Lunch in Elder Park
12.30pm Watch ZOOOM at AC Arts

Years 1/2

10.30am Wolfgang’s Magical Musical Circus or Magic Beach, Dunstan Playhouse
11.30am Lunch in Elder Park or the Pioneer Womens’ Gardens
12.30pm Dance at Like Dancing With Your Big Sisters and Brother in the
Drill Hall, or the Silent Disco, Festival Theatre Foyer.

Years 3/4/5

10.30am See Dr AudiYO’s Giant Adventure or Adam Page: I Wanna Be a Musician! in the Quartet Bar, Adelaide Festival Centre
11.30am Visit the Finding Robyn exhibition, then have lunch in Elder Park
12.30pm Check out Infinite Monster workshop.
10.30am Do the Wild City workshop, SA Museum or try Being in Space, Adelaide Botanic Garden
11.30am Have lunch outside SA Museum
12.30pm Walk/catch a tram to Spirit, Tandanya.

Years 4/5

10.15am Jump on the bus for The Narrator, or see Tröll, Space Theatre
11.30am View the LEAF Project exhibition, Space Foyer, and have lunch
in Elder Park
12.30pm Experience Listen to See, Festival Theatre Foyer, or do a Hidden
Creature Gallery workshop.

Years 6/7

10.15am See Creation Creation, Space Theatre, or experience Still Point of a Turning World, Queen’s Theatre
11.30am Have lunch in Elder Park and visit the Elizabeth Close Exhibition
12.45pm Visit Placeship in the Drill Hall.

Years 8/9

12.30pm Do the Jumu’ah Friday Prayers workshop, Tandanya, or see other
young people perform in Everything They Ever Said with Fingers Crossed
Behind Their Backs or Mental, Marion Cultural Centre.